design freedom

flexibility and versatility

Build anywhere

Steel roof structures perform in any climate. Not surprisingly, steel is the preferred framing material in the extreme climates of North West WA, where temperatures can vary over 40°C in a single day. Steel adapts perfectly to cyclonic design requirements, and is equally at home in humid or cold climates.

Designed to comply

The National Construction Code (NCC) stipulates the performance standards for steel framing systems. Designing in accordance with the appropriate standard ensures a NCC compliant frame. Steel framing Fabricators assist building professionals and builders by providing engineering detailing and documentation specifications.

Long spanning

Because of its strength, steel is capable of long spans, offering large open spaces without requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls. This allows increased design flexibility.

Member-to-member consistency

Because steel has consistent material strength and complies with strict quality controls and tolerances, every stud is a good stud. This means there is no time wasted sorting material to select suitable pieces. “Every stud is a good stud”.

Fire resistance

Steel is a non-combustible material, simplifying the design of elevated flooring, verandahs, carports architectural features in bushfire-prone areas. Steel framing is always fully earthed, so the potential for concealed ignition leading to building fires is reduced.


Good design to achieve more challenging sustainability targets is made easier with the versatility of steel building products. Variations in wall thickness, attachment of thermal and acoustic materials and the wide availability of research data take much of the guesswork out of contemporary energy-efficient design.

Termite management is simplified.

Termites cannot destroy the steel frame. The builder is thus far less likely to be involved later in any disputes resulting from extensive termite damage. The builder also does not have to handle a chemically treated product. Householders particularly appreciate the termite-proof nature of steel as these days they are much more aware of termites and the widespread damage they inflict. They also appreciate an immediate environment that is as free of chemicals as possible.

Awkward sites

With its inherent strength and consistency, and the wide range of sections available, steel offers the potential to reduce the number of framing members required. This is particularly useful on awkward sites where stable, slender structures and long spans can greatly simplify foundation design and reduce construction time and cost.