Steel Wall Framing Anchoring

Anchor your building.

All framing must be correctly anchored.

Steel framing is fastened to the floor structure through the channel bottom plate after all panels have been correctly aligned and plumbed.

Exact recommendations for the type, number and location of anchors should be supplied by the frame supplier or noted in the engineering specifications.

For concrete floor slabs the frame is fixed in place by using masonry anchors, generally hammer-driven concrete nails, expanding shell anchors or chemical anchors.

With steel floor framing the bottom plate of the wall frames can be screwed to the joists with self-drilling screws and/or nails depending on the specifications.

Wall frames are fixed to traditional timber floor framing at the ends of each frame and adjacent to the bracing with self-drilling screws which can drill through the steel bottom plate. Then fixed to all intermediate joists with galvanised flat head nails driven through holes punched in the bottom plates.