Pre-punched holes makes installation easy.

All steel framing systems have pre-punched service holes provided in the wall studs.

Gas and water piping is simply passed through the service holes to reach the required outlet locations.

Plastic grommets are snapped into the service holes before piping is installed to support pipework and to prevent unwanted frame contact. Copper piping must be completely isolated from the steel frame.

Extra service holes if required must always be positioned close to the centreline of each stud.
In brick veneer construction, piping may be run in the cavity and fixed to the studs with full saddles and self-drilling screws. If this method is used, care must be taken to ensure the cavity is not breached by the pipework.

Pipe sets for baths, basins, showers, cisterns etc are supported in the normal way on timber or steel nogging.

A neoprene membrane should be placed under each pipe set to isolate it from steel nogging.
To provide support for the lip along the back of the bathtub steel wall studs are usually notched at the required height and reinforced. This work is sometimes done during fabrication of the wall frame.