External Wall Cladding

Handles all types of cladding.

Wall cladding made from steel is long lasting and durable.

Reflective foil sarking can be attached to the external flange of the steel studs with self-drilling screws fitted with 25mm flat fibre washers. Alternatively wafer head screws can be used.

Brickties are normally screwed to the face of each stud at spacings specified in AS 3700 or AS 4773. Depending on the wall frame system used, wire brick ties which clip on to steel stud flanges may be available for brick veneer construction.

For light weight cladding such as timber, fibre cement or steel sheeting, the NCC requires a thermal break such as a 12mm expanded polystyrene strip (EPS) be fixed to the outer stud face to reduce heat transfer across the wall system. For more details.

For single wall construction, fibre cement sheeting can be fixed to steel frames with self-drilling, self-embedding head screws.