truss steel long beach nsw

modern open-plan living

For owners Stuart Helliwell and his wife, there was no other option than steel framing and roof cladding when building their new home at Long Beach on the South Coast of NSW.

“Using steel for the framing was really the only option for me because of the look I wanted,” explained Stuart Helliwell. “The house has a very contemporary, beachy feel, which we really love. It seems to fit the environment at Long Beach perfectly. Also, on a practical maintenance level, I’m confident the curving roof design will help prevent the build up of leaves which does spoil the look of a building, clog up drains and pose a bushfire risk.”

Steel house frames made from steel are strong, lightweight and have excellent spanning capabilities, which lends itself well to designs for modern open plan living. They are extremely durable, not warping, rotting or twisting over time, and can’t be eaten by termites. Because of this house frames made from TRUECORE® steel are thought of as very ‘future considerate’ and are ideally placed to meet environmental and building design regulations.

Truss Steel, which manufactures the steel frames at its facility in Moruya, near Nowra. According to joint owner Errol Roulstone: “Steel frames are definitely growing in popularity because of the different benefits they bring. From the architect designing the house, to the builder on site and the proud homeowner, steel house frames made from TRUECORE® steel seem to tick all the boxes. And keeping up with demand is a nice problem to have!”

Builder: Aussie Steel Homes, Moruya NSW

Frame fabricator and Installer: Truss Steel, Nowra NSW