steel frames for jordan

design for local conditions

JV Global is supplying and erecting a steel-framed house in Jordan, to showcase the potential of light-weight steel frames. The display home is being used to gain the necessary buildings approvals and to gauge market acceptance.

The Managing Director of JV Global, Terry Opie, says that steel framing is much cheaper than traditional building materials making the home up to 40% cheaper to build. JV Global, through its strategic alliances, plans to introduce steel-framed houses into Islamic countries.

Component Homes, a subsidiary of JV Global, designed, detailed and manufactured the house frame at its facilities in Perth and then shipped it in a knocked-down form to Amman in Jordan. A team from Component Homes has travelled to Jordan to assemble and erect the steel frame house. The house was assembled and erected very quickly in cold weather with the temperatures reaching minus 5 degrees C and snow falling.

The house was designed to suit local conditions and expectations and consequently was very traditional with a flat roof and a parapet wall all round. It consists of three levels with a large balcony at the second level and has a floor area of 258 square metres. Approximately 9 tonne of Bluescope Steel TrueCore material was used, plus some structural support steel in this house.

The total development will consist of 16,000 similar houses, shopping malls and cinemas.

Builder: JV Global, Perth WA

Fabricato: Component Homes, Perth WA