new look mcdonalds restaurants


McDonald’s have developed a new contemporary look and feel for their restaurants that represents a significant departure from their traditional offering. McDonald’s are changing completely the exterior and most importantly the interior of their restaurants to improve the overall experience for their customers. Steel framing has been chosen to meet these design demands.

McDonald’s restaurants have been built with steel frames for over 20 years and this success is continuing in their new designs.

One such McDonald’s restaurant that is being noticed for its striking contemporary look is located in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton, at the corner of Princess Highway and North Road, opposite Monash University. The Local Council had previously refused an application for another convenience restaurant and three take-away food premises on the site as it would impact adversely on the amenity of the area due to the style of the buildings, lack of car parking and landscaping setbacks.

The McDonald’s design addressed all the Council’s issues and provided parking, landscaping setbacks and positioned the building on the site to minimise disruption to residential neighbours. The building has been designed so that all sides enhance visual representation at this significant intersection and there is no ‘back face’. It’s 34 metres long and 34 metres wide and encompasses kitchen, storage, dining, sales and play areas. 100 people can be seated in the interior dining area.

A design feature is the 5500 mm high parapet walls that hide the two commercial air conditioning units supported on the trusses. The walls also provide a safety barrier for workers on the roof.

Steer Manufacturing has been supplying the walls frames and roof trusses for McDonald’s projects across Victoria, including the Clayton project.

In NSW, Webhall Steel Frames and Trusses have been supplying McDonald’s – including a very prominent site adjacent to the Sydney domestic air terminal.

In New Zealand, Framtek 2007 is supplying frames and trusses to a number of McDonald’s sites.