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steel framing – a growth industry

The steel framing industry is expanding and offers exciting prospects for the future. Several things are driving this growth. Home owners are becoming more discerning and demanding. They realize that steel framing is a superior product. Progressive builders understand this and are willing to learn new skills (which they find surprisingly easy to acquire) and offer steel framing to their customers. Specifiers of larger projects are increasingly calling up steel – it is being used more and more in schools, commercial buildings and similar structures. It is hardly surprising that therefore job prospects for people with skills in building with steel framing are excellent.

educational videos and tips

BlueScope Steel website which features video clips and tips on using TrueCore Steel, techniques and the tools required in steel framing.

south australian steel framer installer traineeship

A steel framer installer traineeship is being introduced into South Australia.  For more details.


For information about training in your area contact your local area TAFE.