Cold-formed Steel Framing – Technical Seminar

In person event on Thursday 29 June 2023 Brisbane from 3pm – 9pm

Cold-Formed Steel Framing – Technical Seminar from a Design and Fabrication Perspective

Cold-formed steel framing is increasingly being considered for many different types of low and mid-rise construction projects.  This joint Australian Steel Institute (ASI) and National Association of Steel Framed Housing  (NASH) seminar will be presented by industry experts and will not only cover the behaviour and design of cold-formed steel members and connections for steel framing but also details on detailing and installation to ensure economical and efficient outcomes.

Seminar topics:

  • Design of members
  • Design of connections
  • Economical detailing  
  • Efficient Installation
  • The use of NASH design aids and NASH standards
  • Cold-formed steel products
  • Case Studies 

Who should attend?

The suggested audience includes; Architects, Designers, Structural Engineers, Builders, Detailers, TAFE Teachers and Regulatory Authorities including Council and QBCC Technical Personnel interested in hearing the latest on cold-formed steel.

To find out more details and see the list of speakers