New edition of NS 300 NASH Standard – Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas 2021

The NASH Standard – Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas offers an alternative to AS 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas for building steel framed houses in areas subject to bushfire attack.

The NASH Bushfire Standard has been referenced in the National Construction Code (NCC) as a deemed-to-satisfy solution (DtS) since 2015, providing economical and robust design options based on non-combustible steel framing, wall and roof claddings.

Following valuable user feedback, the new Standard has been extended to include the following major items:

  • Solutions for tiled roof for BAL-12.5 to BAL-40
  • Extended roof pitches to cover all roofs for BAL-FZ
  • Extended solution to cover cathedral ceilings in BAL-FZ
  • Specific solutions for Class 10a buildings (garages/sheds)
  • Roof skylights/windows provisions
  • Clarified requirements for air conditioning and service ducting
  • Additional drawings and details.

The new Standard can be purchased through the NASH online shop at