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NASH represents the interests of steel frame fabricators for housing and low-rise framed construction, their customers and suppliers. Our members include specialist steel frame fabricators, builders as well as suppliers of products and services to the industry.


NASH is pleased to announce that the latest Technical Note NTN-006 – NCC 2022 Elemental Energy Efficiency Solutions for Class 1 Buildings is now available.

NTN-006 provides a wealth of information for fabricators, detailers, designers, building surveyors/certifiers and builders working in the steel framed housing industry. It will help to answer questions for those looking for practical, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

Energy Efficiency solutions are presented in the Technical Note for a wide range of common construction cases for Class 1 buildings, using the DtS Elemental pathway to comply with the NCC 2022 requirements.

A detailed Methods and Assumptions section explains the methodology used to develop the solutions and calculated R-values for roofs, walls and floors.

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Steel framing in bushfires

Report and video on steel framed and clad building subject to real bushfire attack by CSIRO

Rebuilding in bushfire areas with steel

The 2019/2020 summer bushfire season in Australia has seen the loss of human lives and residential properties, along with agricultural and commercial businesses, wildlife and forests. Given that approximately 3000 homes were destroyed by the bushfire, people rebuilding will be seeking better solutions to increase the robustness of their homes in future bushfires. The NASH Standard – Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas provides simple, economical and robust solutions for building steel framed homes in bushfire areas. Click through for more information.

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